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Cook Up Some Skills With Cash With the Newly Released Cookbook for Money

Walnut Creek, CA - October 20, 2004
Money isn't the key to happiness--but having your money situation in hand can help free up mental and emotional energy so you can begin creating the things in life that do bring you happiness.
This is the rationale behind a new book called Cookbook for Money: A Financial Guide for Women Who Want to Focus on Creating Home, Health and Happiness. The author, Greg Warner, is a financial planner who educates women about money and helps them create positive options in their financial lives. The book can be found at Amazon.com, Borders.com and www.cookbookformoney.com.
"Many of my clients are women who have been recently divorced or widowed and have no idea about their financial lives or how they can finance retirement," Warner says. "I wanted to write a book that explains in simple terms the financial principles and strategies that can enable them to gain control of their financial lives so they can turn their focus back to more satisfying things."
Warner uses a cooking metaphor to convey these principles and strategies in simple, easy-to-understand language. An avid cook himself, he also knows that cooking often invokes feelings of warmth and comfort, and he'd like women to have this experience when thinking about money. "Many of my clients don't have large sums of money. Even so, they prefer to focus on more important areas of their lives than financial concerns," he says. "If I can spread some joy by reducing their stress and concern about money, then I have succeeded."
The 256-page book includes such topics as: Creating Memorable Meals - Happiness, Money and Retirement; Recipe for a Successful Spending Plan; Cooking Basics for Money; Teaching Kids to Cook - Passing on Money Skills; Serving Your Five-course Meal - Investing; Cooking for One - Suddenly Single; and Final Cooking for Your Family - Your Estate Plan. The book includes checklists and step-by-step instructions that guide the reader as she implements the strategies for saving, spending and investing wisely. It is also indexed for ease in reviewing or finding a topic of special interest.
The book is also unique in addressing the myth that a lot of money is necessary for happiness. Warner draws on research from psychologists and researchers that shows that once a person can afford life's necessities, increasing affluence matters little, and in fact, may provide diminishing returns. He also presents ways for parents to impart to children and grandchildren a sense of appreciation for what they have.
Cookbook for Money is like a conversation over the kitchen table--simple, practical and thorough. If the principles and strategies it contains are implemented, it can also be a powerful tool to help women gain a sense of satisfaction and joy in thinking about and managing their money.
Greg Warner is a financial advisor in Walnut Creek, California, who has been helping improve his clients' financial situations for 30 years. He is the founder of Financial Education, and he leads financial seminars on managing and investing money. He is also a registered principal of Securities America, Inc., and an Investment Advisor Representative with Securities America Advisor Inc. His first book was How to Manage Your Retirement Cash Flows.
In his leisure time Greg enjoys cooking and can often be found cooking for family and friends. He also enjoys skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing and tennis with his three children.




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