Cookbook for Money is written for women who want to learn more about financial issues and money using a cookbook metaphor. With the increased number of cooking shows on the air, magazines, and tools for cooking, women now have more options than ever before in preparing a meal. So too, with money. The vast array of financial tools and resources that are available has made our lives more complicated, not less, so many feel overwhelmed by it all. Where to start? Some women choose not to make any decision at all when they feel overwhelmed. This book can help you understand the importance of money and learn how to manage it successfully.

     My primary purpose is to help you gain some joy in your life by focusing on your real priorities, and then seeing how money can support those priorities. It's not a get-rich quick book or a path to financial freedom.

     Cookbook for Money provides some practical tips, and time-tested, solid strategies to help you maximize your comfort level with money. It relieves the stress that is commonly associated with thinking about money. It also offers you a way to think about money that is associated with warmth, comfort and deep satisfaction. We all love a great meal. Hopefully, you'll come to enjoy thinking about money in just the same way.

     I love cooking, so the cooking metaphor really works for me. If you also love cooking you may find the metaphor helps you remember the financial tips and principles better. You can also read this book the same way you eat a meal. For example, if you're a "grazer" when you eat out, and like to sample a little of this and a little of that, you may also like to "graze" your way through this book, reading a section here and there till you get the whole picture. If, on the other hand, you're the type who likes to sit down to a full six-course meal, you may enjoy reading this book cover-to-cover from chapter one, straight on through. The book is written so that you can do either.

Cookbook for Money explores:

Creating Memorable Meals - Happiness, Money and Retirement
Surprising conclusions on happiness, money and retirement. There is hope even if your financial situation feels helpless!

Recipe for a Successful Spending Plan
How to develop a successful spending plan making sure you are taking care of what is important to you. It is all about getting the most satisfaction from your money.

Cooking Basics for Money
Understanding how bread rises (money grows), why the cost of ingredients (cost of living) for your pantry keeps going up, and how long you may need to cook (longevity)?

Teaching Kids to Cook - Passing on Money Skills
What can be more important than giving your children and grandchildren better ways to operate? Learn how to teach money skills to your children and grandchildren so they can lead happy, healthy and self-sufficient lives.

Serving Your Five-Course Meal - Investing
Implementing your successful spending plan. How to preserve and grow your money.

Cooking for One - Suddenly Single
When the inevitable happens and you find yourself alone. Practical tips and strategies to help you survive and get back on track.

Final Cooking for Your Family - Your Estate Plan
Leave a living legacy for your family. Ensure your spirit, wisdom and values live on with your children and grandchildren.

Stealing Your Recipes - Identity Theft and Other Scams
How to protect yourself from cockroaches. How to avoid identity theft and other scams.

Comfort Food - Social Security
Social Security simplified.

How to Read the Cookbook - Tax Returns Made Simple
Learn to understand your tax returns…they aren't as scary as they seem at first.




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