Why did you write Cookbook for Money?

There is a lot of stress, worry and flat-out fear when people think about their money situation, so the idea behind the book is to provide easy-to-follow recipes of what you can do with your finances so you can go on with your life.

Why did you specifically target this book toward women?

I specifically targeted this book toward women because in my experience, women can be more receptive to learning the fundamentals of sound saving and money management strategies rather than looking for quick-fix investment solutions or the investment idea of the day. I like helping women, who usually have less income, to effectively use their wealth to support what is important in their life.

What is the most common financial mistake?

I believe the most common mistake is to project current conditions into the future and then to make decisions based on that projection. Most people don't take into account that something is going to change. For instance, when people take out a mortgage loan they believe they are going to stay in the house forever. They don't take into account they may want to remodel in the future or to pay off bills, or they may decide to move because of a change in their personal situation like employment, marriage or divorce. In my opinion, it is important to take into account that laws change, the economy changes, the investment scene changes, and most important, your situation may change. In crafting a financial strategy, it is prudent to take all these possibilities into account and build in flexibility.

What is your most valuable advice to clients?

You don't need to be rich to live well. One thing I tell clients is that enduring happiness has little to do with having more money once your basic necessities are covered. Most people have experienced discontent with what they have. I have. Capitalism is based on our discontent because the marketing message is that you have to have the new car, the latest product, the latest style to live better. The key is to understand that we are programmed to want more and chances are you can never be satisfied by all these material things. Once you know this, it is just a matter of finding out what is really important in your life and focusing on ways to support your priorities.





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